Real men take it up the ass!

butt fucking

I’m always amazed by guys who think that being a bottom is less masculine than being a top. Like it makes them less gay, or something equally stupid.

“I’m a real man. I fuck ass”!

Yes, of course you are.

The great thing about being gay is that you don’t have to conform to stereotypes. Butch or camp, you are still a man, and still a fabulous homo.

It’s no wonder that straight people can’t get their heads around it, when even gay guys struggle to.

I have a married ‘Dom’ friend, he’s bi but I’ll forgive that, he loves to spank his wife; and yet at the same time he adores me pounding his ass.

I don’t think him any less of a man because he likes to eat pussy! Trust me, any man who can take an ass fucking as hard as he can, is all man!

He is, of course, a power bottom. The fact that he is married just happens to make everyone want to fuck him that little bit harder.

Get pounded, now that is masculine!

Any man too prissy to bend over and take it like a man, is well, a bit of a girl.

So listen up tops, if you want to prove how manly you are, lay lack, spread your asses and let Patrick fuck the living be’jezuz out of you!

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