Fuck me Friday: Straight Men


I know it’s a terrible cliché but I love straight men. Just the thought of stealing them from their wives and girlfriends gets my dick hard.

Don’t we all love forbidden fruit? Though lets be honest, how straight is a guy if he likes to suck dick?

And trust me, ladies, your boyfriends and husbands love sucking dick.

Exactly, not very straight at all!

It’s a sign of the times I guess. These metro sexual straight men occupy a grey ground. They like a little bit of everything.

There used to be a time when gay men looked, well gay; and straight men looked deliciously straight.  

Now we all kinda look the same. Thankfully, it’s the same as in hot.

But it does ruin your straight man fantasies.

Butch truckers? Fairies.

Rough cowboys? Power bottoms.

Mean cops? Deep throaters.

It’s a sad state of affairs when straight men just aren’t straight no more.

Though it has opened up a new role-play phenomenon. Pretending to be straight. Only last week I pulled a very sexy man in the Front Lounge Bar He was giving it the full beans, making out that he had a girlfriend, and liked playing soccer. I mean soccer! How gay is that!

Anyway, he had not a clue about real straight life, so I put him out of his misery and shut him up with my cock.  

Who knew it was this difficult pretending to be straight

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