Sunday Sexy Sports Report

Two guys in bed

You never know what you’re going to find next to you on a Sunday morning.

Traffic cone, rugby ball, or the cup you just won. But the absolute best thing to wake up next to is a hot guy.

The worst thing? A guy who you thought was hot, but in the cold light of sobriety turns out to be bit of a minger!

It can happen to us all. It’s the drink I blame!

Mind you, at this stage of the rugby season we are looking a bit beat up ourselves. I’ve had two black eyes already this season and another 4 stitches have been added to my head.

Thankfully, the men love it. They see your scars, find out that you are a big rough rugby player and immediately want you to pound the life out of them. Pretty boys do love a bit of rough. Little do they know, that come Monday I’m off to get a pedi and mani. Something’s are best kept to myself.

Yes, pretty college men. Cute round bottoms that just love to be filled with cock….

Sorry, where was I?

As for the yesterday’s game, it was grand, a 7-6 victory. As much as we would like to play expansive rugby, cold hands mean ten men rugby.

The competition? Seasoned players, which mean fit bodies but beat up faces.

What does that mean?

You have to fuck them in doggy position!

Happy Easter!

Score 7-6 W

Tackles made 16

Tackles missed 0

Carries 8

Tries 0

Played 80 minutes

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