Pink eye

Spunk eye

Something’s, while they seem like a good idea, are plainly not! There you are on your knees sucking a nice big cock when a proclamation comes from above that he is about to come.

Do you:

A. Swallow like a good catholic boy?

B. Let your face get covered like a self flagellating protestant?

Variety is the spice, so why not all over my ‘two day’ stubble? What’s the harm that can be done?

Let the world know that men from Cork have no aim. There I was, mouth open, expecting a few shots in the general vicinity of my mouth, lips, cheeks, whatever.

But instead, I get my face covered, or more to the point, I get spunk in my eye.

Spunk stings! And you get ‘pink eye’.

There is not a homo in Dublin who does not know what you’ve been up to, when you walk around with ‘pink eye’.

Ordinarily I would not care less, but the girls in the office are giving me that ‘knowing’ look too. Like we have some unspoken bond!

So is ‘pink eye’ a price worth paying? Well I guess it all depends on the quality of the cock. Big cock? Damn yes! Small cock? Well, erm, maybe some guys are better off having their butts licked instead!

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