Fuck me Friday: Top or Bottom?


Friday night is date night. You’ve worked hard all week, and you deserve a hot date to help you unwind.

When I say you deserve a hot date, what I mean is that you deserve a hot ride. Nothing makes me unwind better than a good hard shag.

But do I go top or do I go bottom?

There is a lot to be said about shagging a hot peachy ass. Mmmm, nice and tight!

But after a stressful week, maybe I just want to relax and let some guy do all the work?

What is going to get me off most?

As a kid I always wanted the top bunk. Does that mean I’m a natural top, or does that mean I’m a natural power bottom?

These are the decisions a busy executive has to make, and they are never easy.

Maybe I should hedge my bets and find a nice versatile guy?

But a versatile guy is neither this nor that.

When they bottom they always complain and ask you to hurry up, and when they top they always finish too quick.

In my own defense that I would just like to say, that I am not your average versatile homo.

Is that clear? Did I dig myself out?

Which leaves me where I started. How the hell does a hot rugby player pick a suitable date?

Of course! Threesome, stupid

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