Rugby Men Are Hot Men

Big hits

You can’t open a magazine these days without seeing some half naked footballer in it. Same old, same old! A black and white spread, with some guy in his underpants.What the fuck! These men spend all weekend rolling about, and crying like fairies on the football pitch. And they are supposed to be sexy and masculine?


You see these boys mincing around the city, dressed like who knows what, with girls who don’t eat. They really fancy themselves. But why? They’re just a bunch of skinny men who get paid too much.

I got news for you:

Real men don’t fall over with the slightest touch.

Real men are big and muscular.

Real men are not pretty.

Real men are rough and masculine.

Real men play rugby!

Real men fuck men!

So next time you see some footballing pretty boy mincing about, tell the ‘straight boy’ to grow a pair.

Remember : Real men play rugby, and rugby men are hot men!


3 thoughts on “Rugby Men Are Hot Men

  1. I totally agree with you about the pretty boy footballers. They leave me cold too. Mmmmm…real rugby men….now that’s what I’m talkin bout.

  2. Pretty boy footballers do absolutely nothing for me. I like a man to be a little more roughed up around the edges. I’d take a real man over a pretty boy every time!

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