Fuck me Friday: Virgins

Painful anal

Something’s truly are better in fantasy than they are in reality. Take for instance, popping a straight man’s cherry.

  • He’s married.
  • He’s hot.
  • He’s hung.
  • He has an ass that is begging to be fucked.
  • He’s ready to experiment.

Sound good, right?

Well let me tell you, I’ve never heard so much bitching and whining in my life.

A bit of moaning I like: ‘oh it’s so big, I’m so full, more, more’.

But other things I don’t want to hear: ‘slow down, not so deep, not so hard’. Whatever!

Like a good top I tried to keep my calm and be considerate, but in the end I lost my patience and started to boss him. Positioning him where I wanted him, so I could fuck his brains out.

But it was just not working. I’m a man who really enjoys pounding.  But if the bottom is not enjoying it, well it takes the pleasure out of it.

And let me clear, for the record I can take what I dish out.

So that’s my straight man fantasy ruined. From now on I think I’ll just stick to having them suck me off.

Straight men!

6 thoughts on “Fuck me Friday: Virgins

  1. I liked this very much. Its not often you get the view from the other side. As a writer i like to know all aspects of sexual exploration, my books i write are straight orientated, but that does mean the characters dont have the potential to try something new.
    I like your raw honesty, Itsa refreshing insight that is possibly the most interesting read one the subject i have ever come across.
    Thank you.


    1. Oh and my typos are bad. I will correct what i meant
      . My characters can have the possibility to experimeant.

      And the blog is the most interesting one Ive ever read.

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