Sunday Sexy Sports Report 14 April 2013

Mr Beautiful

There are some men who are utterly beautiful. They have everything: the face, the body, and the attitude. These are the men that you would take home to your mother. Well OK, I wouldn’t. I would much prefer to take him home to my sex dungeon, but you get my point.

One such hottie plays for team XXXXX, and that’s why I’ve been looking forward to playing against them all season. Low and behold, our coach picks me at number 8 for this game. He wanted to experiment with the back row. What does that mean? It means that I would be running at Mr. Beautiful all game.  And that is exactly what I did.

Our coach drills into us that we must attack space, stretch the opposition etc, etc. However, there was only one thing I was going to do. Pick and go off the back of the scrum, and run straight at Mr. Beautiful.

Let me make one thing clear, me steam rolling into him is my way of showing him affection.  And I have a lot of affection to show him. Playing at such a high tempo, with so much contact invariably meant I ran the legs off myself, and was substituted aft 65 minutes.

As I took an ‘early bath’, I had plenty of time to contemplate why I’m so eager to rough up beautiful men. No romantic sensual sex for me. No, when I see a beautiful man, I want to dominate him, and I want filthy, dirty, combat sex.

I want to own him.

Anyway, watching Mr. Beautiful for the rest of the game was a joy. His hot ass is really something. And they say football is the beautiful game!

Score 14-14 D

Tackles made 15

Tackles missed 0

Carries 11

Tries 0

Played 65 minutes

3 thoughts on “Sunday Sexy Sports Report 14 April 2013

  1. Love the picture. Being from South Africa myself, I enjoy a good game of rugby. Not a fanatic but love to see the game being played. And God, you make it sound even sexier…:)

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