Power Games: Meeting Mr Wrong


Simply put, some men are just bastards. They are wrong in every way. Self absorbed, arrogant, and deceitful.  But very fucking hot.

These are the men that I want to ride the holes off. Trust me; there is nothing better than breaking these men.

Did I say break? What I meant was re-educate.

They often always portray themselves as tops. There never was a bigger lie. These men are true born bottoms. They just haven’t ‘discovered’ their real identities.

So how do you go about bagging a big cat?

You need to fight fire with fire. He’s acting like a total dick? Act like a bigger dick.

Unsubtly bragging about the size of his wallet? Oh bitch please! Tell him yours is bigger and harder. Understand?

Mr. Wrong is often not the smartest cookie. He may even believe he is going to fuck you, right up until you make it to the bedroom.

Denial is such a common quality in Mr. Wrong.

You will need to bring him to his senses. Pin him down, and whisper into his ear, “I’m going to own you boy”. I think he’s going to catch on pretty quick.

Then you will have him eating out of the palm of your hand, or more likely eating your ass like a good sub.

So remember, the next time you are getting chatted up by Mr. Wrong, don’t just tell him to fuck off. No, take him home and pound the be’jeazus out of him. 

4 thoughts on “Power Games: Meeting Mr Wrong

  1. I will take your advice next time I meet Mr. Wrong. Wouldn’t it be a shocker for me to pull out the BIG strapon and make him my bitch! LOL

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