Sunday Sexy Sports Report 21 4 2013

Kissing Men


People often talk about the seven-year itch. Everything was fine, and then all of a sudden, it went fanny up. When I say people, I mean straight people. Funny as it may seem, I am bit of an agony uncle to my straight friends. They are always asking me for advice. Their complaints are usually the same: a lack of excitement. They are simply bored with their lives.

My advice? Since you’re living out in the suburbs, why not become swingers!

That’s what straight people do, right? Move out to the suburbs, send the kids to boarding school, and start swinging. Invariably, my friends are shocked by my advice. Horrified even. They think it’s a big deal to have sex with people they fancy, as opposed to the wife/husband.

They have no clue what their neighbors are up to.

Hello! Deluded! There is no other reason to move out to the suburbs.

What they don’t know is that most homos already live this life in the city. We go out, we party, we fuck, and we don’t feel guilty about it. And we definitely feel no need to move out into the suburbs to live a little.

So take my advice straight people, stop scratching and start swinging!

Friendly training game.

Score 12- 9 L

Tackles made 12

Tackles missed 0

Carries 5

Tries 0


Played 40 minutes

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