Big boys have all the fun

gays kissing

In the States they have a saying, ‘there’s no replacement for displacement’.

The gays have a similar mantra about dick. There’s no dick, like a big fat dick.  You may have great technique, but there isn’t any replacement for hard inches.  Period!

Personally I put it down to pain. An average dick will feel great in your ass, and great in your mouth.

But a really big dick will feel amazing in your ass, because it will hurt. That edge of pain makes sex so much more enjoyable.

This is something the ‘straights’ have just learned with their 50 Shades of wife beating.

Bless em.

Once word gets out that you’re hung like Liam Neeson, you are going to have you pick of the greedy bottoms. They want porno-dick, and they want it now!

Where does this leave ‘Joe Average’? Alas it leaves him with the ‘scraps’.

All the hottest bottoms will be taken, including the obnoxious power bottoms.

So there is some up-side. Some bottoms can be a total pain in the ass. Don’t they know it’s supposed to be the other way around!

The only other bottoms who are left are the tight, whinny bottoms.


So you see, the big boys really are having all the fun.

3 thoughts on “Big boys have all the fun

  1. thats crap…. i dont have a that big cock but… hell the people are also making lines to been fuck like hell…. what about a hung dick that even can get al the way hard
    …. what about the big dick that really are bad fuckers…. big dick is not everything.. but great sometimes 😀

  2. Guys and the obsession with cock size. Jeez. I will be the first to admit that a big cock feels better in my ass than a small one, but it is STILL all about what you do with it that matters!

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