Sunday Sexy Sports Report 27 4 2013

Big Hit

Some men really are infuriating. These men tend to be in their early twenties, and think they are gods gift to Gaydom. There is only one way to deal with these young whippersnappers. That would be to own them.  To fuck them so hard, that they ‘cowboy’ walk until the following week. Luckily for one particular young dumbass, I make it a rule to never bone a teammate. Which left me in a predicament. How does one exert one’s alpha dog dominance?

On the field there is only one way. That is to flatten the sub at every opportunity.

Hello, ‘Samoan side-step’.

Followed by ‘welcome to the party’ tackling.

Fuck! I love to tackle.

So my young teammate has learnt a very valuable lesson. I want to fuck the ass off him.

I said he was infuriating, not stupid.

Friendly ‘in house’ training game.

Score 9-9

Tackles made 15

Tackles missed 3

Carries 9


4 thoughts on “Sunday Sexy Sports Report 27 4 2013

  1. I LOVE that you used a photo of Quade Cooper getting absolutely SMASHED by Richard Kahui during the world cup!!

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