Confessions of a Gay Rugby Player: Released May 15 2013




Nothing is guaranteed to piss a player off more than a handoff to the face. It’s pretty embarrassing to get bitch-slapped like that. But it serves him right for trying to go high on me. Get your tackling right, son!

The proceeding line out is deep in their half, my line out pod goes up to context the ball, but we are taken out in the air. Thankfully, I manage to land without breaking my neck, but I’m furious. Lo and behold, it’s Tonio’s pod that takes us out. Captain grabs one of the San Fran lifters by the scruff of the neck and shakes him about like a rag doll. All hell breaks loose, and a fight breaks out. Really? You want to fight the Irish? Bring it on! We tear into them. Full on ‘handbags.’ Tonio has grabbed our Mickey! Pick on someone your own size. I tackle him to the ground and mount him. He might be a big, strong fucker, but I’m just as big and have him pinned. The pair of us snarl at each other and jostle, but he won’t budge me as I’m sitting on him. I can feel his cup at my ass, and I can feel my cock hardening in my own. I could fuck him right here, right now. Fuck him so hard that he won’t walk right for a week.

Eventually, Cian of all people pulls me off him. The ‘backs’ are always ruining the forwards’ fun. Now that Tonio and I have been properly introduced, I’m going to make the rest of this game hell for him. No doubt, he feels the same.

Tonio and I are given a thorough telling off by the referee. Captain tells the ref that we just having a bit of ‘craic’ and no harm was done. The Yankee ref has no idea what Captain is saying to him.

I love this game! 

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