Sunday Sexy Sports Report 04 05 2013


Yankee men, god bless them. They are so highly strung.

You tell them to be cool, but they can only ‘play’ at being cool.

They simply can’t do ‘cool’. Unlike us Irish guys.

We can do laid back, to a T.

It’s in our national psyche, you see?

Well, you wouldn’t want to be caught out ‘giving a fuck’, would you?

Why is this important? In Manhattan, after playing rugby, the paddy’s like to be ‘cool’. Yeah we want to fuck. We want to fuck so hard that you can’t walk right for a week.

But we want to lure you through being, you guessed it, ‘cool’.

Don’t try to hard, it puts the paddy’s off.

The yanks, the ‘go-getters’ that they are, just want you there and then.

Maybe not literally, but pretty much.

Hell, where is the fun in that. We’re Irish. We want to sing, we want dance, we want to get drunk. Hell, we may even want a good old-fashioned bitch fight before we fuck.ConfGayRugbyPlayer_cvr[1]

Like I said, we are ‘cool’, and we are coming to get you.

Watch out Bristol the Irish are coming to get you.

No Game, pre tournament-conditioning regime.

What happens when a paddy goes native?  Find out how an Irishman hunts down his hole.

Confessions of a Gay Rugby player. Out May 15 via Wilde City Press. 

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