Confessions of a gay Rugby Player: on sale May 15: Excerpt 2


Excerpt 2:

Chad’s inner Boy Scout takes over. Seeing that my need is desperate, he wastes no time in taking my hand and pulling me over towards a dark corner. As soon as the darkness envelops us, he leans in and kisses me. His lips are rough, chapped, manly, and he tongues deep into my willing mouth. I reach around and grab his ass with both hands, grinding my cock against his. Chad has an incredible ass: round, hard and, I imagine, perfect for fucking. In a flash, his hands are down to my crotch, as he unzips my fly and reaches in to grab my rapidly engorging cock.

I break our kiss and blurt out, “Hell, Chad, at least buy a boy a drink!” He says nothing in the dark. “But, don’t stop.”

Like I said, my need is desperate and my protestations are only for appearance. When in Rome and all that kind of thing! Right?

One good turn deserves another, so my hands reach down to unbuckle and unzip him.  “Let me see what’s so dangerous that you need to keep it locked away.”


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