Confessions of a Gay Rugby Player: Part 1. On sale May 15: Excerpt 4

Rugby 123


We head down onto the dance floor, which is now heaving with sweating men, and we let the music fill us with euphoria and take our minds off the bumps and bruises that cover our bodies. It’s getting incredibly hot in here, and it’s not long before I take my shirt off and tuck it into my shorts. Tonio gets the idea straight away and does the same with his tank top. His hairy chest is fucking hot, manly, and muscular. I’m going to fuck him so hard. Tonio sees the fresh bruises on my ribs and gives them a gentle rub, mouthing the words “sorry” to me. My cock throbs to his touch. I smile back my encouragement, and we keep dancing. Our bodies are soon covered in sweat, and we need to take a break for some fresh air. We make a beeline for the outdoor terrace and find a spot to sit on the floor amongst the other couples flirting and groping each other in the dark of the night.

“Wow, it’s pretty hot in there,” I say, as I wipe the sweat from my brow.

“It’s pretty hot out here too,” Tonio replies with a cheeky grin.

That’s all the invitation I need to take this where I want, and I lean over to kiss him. We both taste of sweat, and it makes me horny.ConfGayRugbyPlayer_cvr[1]

My hand moves to stroke his torso, his abs as hard as mine. Slowly, my hand moves along the thick, sexy treasure trail that leads from his abs down to his shorts. Our kissing becomes more frantic and my stubble rubs against his. My hand disappears into his shorts, and we share a smile filled with expectations of what is to come. Tonight is going to be fun. The next few hours pass very quickly as we dance topless in the bar, our bodies glistening with moisture under the strobe lights.


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