Fuck me Friday: Beat up and dirty


What is it about beat up guys that is so hot? You can take a pretty average guy, add a few cuts and bruises and suddenly he looks irresistible. Damn it! Put a guy with a black eye in front of me and I’m going to have to fuck him. Long and hard…..

Remember Brad Pitt in fight club? That what I’m talking about!

That’s probably why I find other rugby players so hot. They have all the things I want. They are fit, dirty, beat up and aggressive. That last quality is so important. Who wants a meek and mild man-boy? Real men are strong, powerful, confident and aggressive.

Now let’s be clear, to be aggressive does not mean to be a total dick. To be aggressive sexually is to be confident and empowered. And it’s not a top/bottom thing.

We all know aggressive power bottoms, right? Like I said it’s not a top/bottom thing.

Want to read more about aggressive sex? Read Confessions of a Gay Rugby Player: Part 1 

Star Irish rugby player, Conor Murphy, lives and breathes rugby. He spends 

ConfGayRugbyPlayer_cvr[1]his weekends playing rugby, drinking beer, and singing songs with his teammates. There is only one thing he loves more than rugby, and that is hot rugby players. But after the final whistle sounds, the real competition begins: the hunt for the hottest men.

Conor’s muscular body and roguish good looks ensure he can have his pick of the sexiest players. But what happens when this alpha male meets his match on and off the field?  Who will come out on top when he meets the horniest rugby players from the USA? Can two alpha males have the night of their lives?


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