Sexy Sunday: 9 June 2013: Dream Lions


After a long hard season and an end of season tour, it’s finally time to sit back, relax and enjoy the Lions tour of Australia.

The Lions? A team made up of players from Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales. When I say players, I mean rugby players, not pul-ay-as!

Is there anything better than sharing a beer with your buddies and deciding which players would be on your Test side?

Who is the strongest, which player is the fastest, which of them is the smartest?

Yeah sure, whatever!

How about, who is the biggest ride? That’s my criteria.

I want to see hot men get sweaty and beat up. This is my down time, remember. Although, watching those hotties makes it my uptime. Mmm.

So, here is my selection.

Best player for a one to one: Tommy Bowe. Look at him. RIDE!

Tommy Bowe

Best players for a threesome: Owen Farrell & Sean Maitland. Both pretty, and both need me to slap them around.


Sean Maitland

Best power bottom: Jonny Sexton. Oh Jonny. I do so want to make him come.


Best Dom Top: Manu Tuilagi. Look at him. You kinda expect to see him in a depraved BB video.


This was not an easy decision. But I feel I chose wisely. Having said that, there are plenty of other hotties in the squad whom I would totally ride the holes off.

Never to be overlooked, there are quite a few rides on the Aussie team too. We’ll have a perv on them Wednesday.

Love rugby players as much as me? Get your copy of Confessions of a Gay Rugby Player Part 1 now!

Part 2 released June 22.



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