Sexy Sunday Sports Report: 16.06.2013 To be a third wheel

Gay Threesome

In this day and age, is a threesome ever just a threesome? Sadly, there always seems to be some others games in play.

When I joined a couple for a Saturday afternoon fuck-date, I expected to be the centre of attention. After all, they get to fuck each other all of the time. As the ‘extra’, I’m the naughty treat.

Who does not love being the centre of attention?

Certainly, I love it.

However, if you are there because the couple can only have sex with each other if they have a third wheel, it loses some of it’s attraction. Why? Because you feel like bit of a sticking plaster.

This play date turned out to be some kind of weird competition: who can fuck me the hardest, who can deep throat me the deepest, who can shoot the furthest.

Kinda fucked up right?

Actually once you get your head around it, its not so bad. Sure, this threesome is all about them, but then it has to be about someone, right? Why not them instead of me?

So what figures with these two guys? Long term lovers going through a bad patch? No. Turns out that it was something much simpler; both tops, who hate to bottom.

How did they ever hook up in the first place? Should they no have been like magnets, repulsing each other?

I bet they see each other’s asses as forbidden fruit. That’s a temptation that I could never resist.

Will I see these guys again? Only if I could fuck both their asses, one for the wank bank I think….

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Confessions Part 2

3 thoughts on “Sexy Sunday Sports Report: 16.06.2013 To be a third wheel

  1. So do you find that with most couples there is a clear top and bottom ? I would think most would want to fuck and be fucked. Variety and all that. Hard to think someone wouldn’t want to do all. LOL. What do you find?

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