For the love of bum.


Bugger me, I love ass.

OK, so that’s stating the obvious.

Gay man loves ass! Shock, horror!!!!

Now I’m not some ass crazed top, who wants to fuck every piece of ass from Dublin to Galway.

I’m a versatile kinda guy, but I adore a fine butt.

Just like most gays.

What about pecs, abs, and biceps?

Surely you know that you can’t have a hot ass without having other hot bits?

It’s not like you will have a great ass without having strong legs.

Any gay man worth his weight in salt knows that his ass is his prized asset.

That’s why we spend all those hours in the gym.

I’m not even going to get started about my love of rimming, we would be here all day.

So why hide your most attractive body part?

That’s just what is happening in Dublin.

Baggy pants.

I’m not impressed.

This new found trend is so distressing.

I’m thinking I need to emigrate.

So I’m taking this opportunity to tell all n sundry.

Please stop wearing baggy pants!

You think I’m being a melodramatic gay?

Imagine accidentally bedding a guy who ends up having an elbow arse!

Now that really would be shocking and horrific!

Real men fuck real arses!

Read all about it 

Get your copy of Confessions of a Gay Rugby Player Part 2  now!


Confessions Part 2

8 thoughts on “For the love of bum.

  1. Forgive me love…but what’s an elbow ass (arse)?
    Enjoy ur writing…and tots agree about baggy pants!
    Hugs, Bells xxx

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