Fuck me Friday: Bad manners

Bad manners

Now I don’t want to make a big song and dance out of it.

But, I mean will you ever kop on!

If you are going to come, which I want you to, you need to give me some warning.

Spunking all over my face, and in to my eye is bad form.

Why do guys do these things?

I mean, you are getting a blowjob, and it feels great.

And you’re about to come.

You should me thinking ‘wow this guy is really taking care of business, I owe him’!
But no, you instead decide to spew all over the shop.

Give a man a chance to say ahhhhhh, will you!

OK, maybe I protest too much.

But it’s bad manners to come without warning.

Who do I blame this on?

I blame straight porn.

In straight porn, the guys spunk all over the faces of their poor women.

Look at theses women’s faces, they are professionals and even they look horrified!

It’s because they get no warning, just a face full of cum.

Worse thing is, most of it is fake stunt cum.

Life is cruel.

In good gay porn, the cock sucker is looking forward to the cum.

It’s his reward for getting on with the job.

Let me know when you are gonna cum, I want my prize.

Alas, now the homos are acting up to straight porn.

Whatever next, polyester shirts and drinking cheap beer?

Homos of the world hear my cry!

Stay gay!

Confessions Part 2







13 thoughts on “Fuck me Friday: Bad manners

  1. Think it is good form for ALL men to give notice. And isn’t. It just sexier to have the guy tell you how good you are making him feel?. The mmmms and ahhh and the OMG I AM CUMMING!!!!!!! Isn’t that the point, the whole reason we do it. The hot show of him losing control and all the build up.

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