Sexy Sunday Sports Report 23.06.2012: Who is Conor Murphy?

Hot and Irish

Let me just make one thing clear; I am not Conor Murphy! Could any single man be Conor Murphy? No, of course not. Conor is a collection of people, all rolled up into one delicious package.

Now that I’ve made that clear, we shall continue.

I wanted to make him your stereotypical upper middle class, Irish protestant. Who just happens to play rugby and hanker after cock.

So who is he?

Conor was born in beautiful County Wicklow. The first born child of an Anglo-Irish farming family. It was only natural that he would be sent to a protestant boarding school for his formal education, and instruction on how to be a gentleman. Not forgetting, to learn to play rugby, and not those dastardly GAA sports.

Of course he then went on to Trinity College Dublin, where he would continue to play rugby and be prepared for his life as an alpha male. He would get a suitable job, and marry a suitable lady, blah, blah, depressingly blah……

But that when things, thankfully, start to go wrong.

Conor does not want to marry a suitable lady. What he has always wanted is a man. But as the oldest child he is expected to inherit his father’s lands and become a country squire, to shoot and hunt, and wear Barbour coats even in the height of summer. But most importantly, to and carry on the blood line

Life was mapped out for him. But Conor wanted to escape his ‘destiny’. Off he went to London, to make his name and to suck cock to his heart’s content. His plan was simple: have his fun and then return to Ireland to do his duty.

Alas life is rarely that simple. He was pulled back to Dublin, an oppressive Dublin that he hated. But it was in Dublin, that he was reborn.

That is where Sean comes in to his life.

Want to read more about Conor?

Confessions Part 2






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