Confessions Part 2



It’s out now! Here’s a tasty little excerpt:

The Copenhagen lads manage to give the ball to their back to attack the thirteen channel. Their tall, rangy fullback enters the line and runs straight into Cahal. For an outside back, Cahal loves to tackle. He drops his shoulder and cuts the poor Viking in half. I can just imagine his broad shoulder hitting the Viking’s hard abs. I’d like to see him make that tackle with them both naked. Hmmm. You can hear the lads on the sidelines oohing, as the hit comes in.

That really was a big hit. It makes me smile. The poor fullback spills the ball, and it’s a quick turn over ball for us. It’s moved left into a gap, and the backs run it under the post. Simple. I think we only made two or three tackles, turned the ball over and scored.

The try is converted, and the Vikings look shell-shocked. They restart by sending it long and straight to my pod. The ball is quickly moved to the outside half, who leathers the ball downfield to Bjorn.

Ah sexy Bjorn, he has a sudden rush of bravery and decides to run it at us. That’s leading by example. Now that’s what I love, a hot Viking running at me. He really is something. Something I really have to fuck. Do I cut him down and potentially ruin my chances of a good shag, or do I show him who the daddy is?

Fuck it. I only know one way to tackle, and that is by giving it my all. Just as I line him up, he sidesteps me. The little bollix. Thankfully, Sean is there to save me from my embarrassment , and brings him down with a hard thump.

That is just about the closest I come to getting my hands on Bjorn. Fate is conspiring against me. Poor Bjorn hobbles off injured later in the first half.

“Don’t worry, you can stick your tongue up his ass later. Just try and focus on the game.” That cunt, Sean, never misses a thing. But he is right. I’ll have him later, even if I have to tie him up and put a spreader bar on him.

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