Monogamy V Polygamy

gay kiss

It would appear that most people believe that men are total whores.

How can this possibly be?

Men are such angels.

Furthermore, they believe that gay men to be the worst of us.

Claiming that we can’t say no to sex, and that we think with our little heads and not our big heads.

Truth be told, men are men.

Gay or straight.

I fully concede that!

Men have certain…..foibles right?

Yes we love sex, and if it’s put on a plate….

But having said that, most gay men that I know want a solid one to one relationship.

In my Confessions of a Rugby Player series, the two main characters Sean and Conor pretty much live a care free, screw who they want lifestyle.

They have boyfriends, lovers,  and so forth

But this is a fantasy. Frivolous and fun.

I’m pretty sure that there are millions of homos out there that live a wild lifestyle, but I’m also certain that there are way more gays out there living out pretty conventional lives.

Either is cool.

No fundamentalists, please!

So actually men are not such whores, we are as drawn towards love, stability and the reassurance of a committed relationship as most other people.

But maybe we have a broader concept of what a committed relationship is.

When most homos read about gay orgies and wild sex parties it’s as fantastical to them, as it is to most straight people.

Of course we like to let the straights think that our lives are wild and fabulous, but actually our lives are pretty similar.

We mostly want what you want.

And we mostly value what you value.

The trick is in not getting all worked up when people don’t.

Want to read more about Conor & Sean?

Confessions Part 2






2 thoughts on “Monogamy V Polygamy

  1. Well said Patrick. Relationships, like everything else can take many different forms, none is better than the other, just different. Wouldn’t life be dull if we were all the same? Liam

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