Fuck Me Friday: Gay bait


Straight men, why are they so alluring?

Right now I’m going through a GAA phase.


Gaelic Athletic Association.

I’m talking about native Irish sports.

You’re probably be thinking what the heck?

Picture it:

  • a fine fit body, built on tatties
  • polyester sports kit
  • unintelligible bogger dialect
  • topped off by a farmers tan
  • A big red head on him

Yeah, I know you feel it too!

OK, so it makes no sense at all.

How can something so wrong feel so right?

They are the straightest of the straight, if you choose to believe that kind of thing.

Which no one does.

You absolutely know that there are a few cocksuckers in that team.

Trust me, I know this.

They look like all the other ‘straight’ men, but they want what you got.

BGC: Big gay cock.

Question is how the hell do you pick the right one.

It’s a bit like Russian roulette I guess.

Select the right one and you get you cock sucked by a working class hero.

Pick a wrongun? Well GAA people think rugby players are all gay as it it.

So maybe there is no great harm done.

It’s going to be a long hard season!

Want to read more by me? 

That was rhetorical question!

Confessions Part 2




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