Sexy Sunday Sports Report: Summer heat

gay kiss


What a difference a prolonged period of sunshine makes to Dublin. We’ve had great weather for the past two weeks, and it’s transformed the people.

In other countries people get hot and bothered, but not in Dublin. Here we just get horny. We have gone from being grouches to becoming sex crazed horn dogs. Everyone is in heat! Including me. No matter where I look, I see sex.

Of course there is a downside, productivity has fallen through the floor. But who cares, the sun is shining!

So I’ve put work out of my mind, and spent my days mincing through the city in a pair of shorts and a vest, looking pumped and available. Flirting with every hottie that crosses my path.

And what have I found on my sexual travels?

1. Chat up lines don’t matter if you’re hot.

2.  A light hint of sweat is actually very sexual.

I’m told this week is going to bet hot too. So I’ve set myself a little task. I’m going to try and bag a different ride every day.

Wish me luck!

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