Manly appetites

gays kissing

So Monday came and went, and so did I. It’s dawned on me that my post orgasm small talk is not so great.  What do you talk about after you’ve just come in a guy’s mouth? Naturally I thanked him for sucking me off, but after that? It’s not like I can ask him how his wife and kids are while he is wiping the cum off his face. Awkward! Why do married guys make such great cock suckers? It’s a real cosmic mystery.

Tuesday saw my appetite grow. A quick blow job during lunch would not sate me. I needed to bum a hole. Married men might make great cock suckers, but they don’t make great bottoms. So I paid a visit to a nice hair dresser friend. Total queen and as camp as Christmas, but with an ass as hot as his I tolerate it.

This is more like it. I really do enjoy jerking a guy off as I bum him. What can I say? I like the feel of a hard cock in my hand. Though getting a handful of spunk can a pain sometimes. With this guy I’m always thinking Something About Mary, but not even I would be so rude as to send him off on his merry way with a load of splooge in his hair. Gay men are sensitive, didn’t you know?

So what do I have planned today? Well according to grindr there is a hot Latin bottom only 30 feet away from me. Yes, it’s one of my colleagues. Do I really want to go there? Fucking one of your staff can lead to all sorts of strife, and my PA watches me like a hawk. But then he does have a hot ass, and I am a man.

Hmm, this is going to be an interesting day!

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That was rhetorical question!

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