Fuck Me Friday: Not on your doorstep!

gays in office

Damn it! You know its wrong, but you just can’t help yourself. There is a rather hot guy in the office. I work in media, so that’s no big deal. The industry attracts hot, if mildly vacuous types.

But anyway, there he is, looking hot, but just like any ther metro-sexual guy in the office.

Right? It should be no big deal.

But he sends my grindr app bleeping.

What’s grindr? It’s a phone app that tells that other homos are nearby.

Yeah I know! Like homos need to be told.

Er, well actually yes. He’s escaped by radar for months.  Thank you grindr!

In my defense, he does not report to me, so he’s not someone that I would come across often.

So what do we do, now that we both know that we are hot and available?

We fuck of course!

We chatted, we checked each other out. He’s a bottom, I’m a versatile kinda guy.

It can work. In fact it did work on Wednesday night.

It was nothing major, quick drink after work, and a quick fuck his place.

All over in an hour. A real quickie.

But now we have that whole morning after thing going on.

I know he shaves his bum, and he knows I have a PA.


But hey, its just sex right?


So what do we do about the awkwardness?

Fuck him some more so it becomes no big deal?

Or try and stay out of his way?

I’m with the former, but I’m a man, what else would I say!


Want to read more by me? 

That was rhetorical question!

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