Sexy Sunday Sports Report: Confessions of a Gay Rugby Player Part 3


An excerpt of the forthcoming part 3

Anyway, there was this one guy I met on Bondai who was quite frankly the hottest man I had ever met. His name was Shane, or at least I think it was. Shane sounds like the kind of name an Aussie would have. I could be totally wrong; a day spent drinking on the beach muddles the mind a little. So there he was strolling down the beach, not a care in the world. Like an Olympic swimmer. There was not a hair on him. Perfectly smooth legs, chest etc, etc.

How do you stop a stud like that in his tracks? Easy when you have the charm of the Irish. “Hey man, what’s the craic”? That never fails to work. Simple pretty boys are utterly confused by this one statement, they have to stop and then you pounce on them. I’m kidding of course; I don’t need to pounce on anyone.

We made small talk. All in code, how long do I have to talk to you before it’s polite to say come back to my hotel and lets fuck? Eventually I had to comment on how smooth her was. He was more than happy to tell me all about his waxing regime. He just liked to be smooth. Other than his head and a small ‘landing strip’, he was totally smooth, like most of his friends. A landing strip! Have you ever heard a man say such a thing? OK. So this guy is a total bottom. What a nice way to tell me. Conversely he loved hairy men, especially hairy Greek men. I’m not Greek, but as he could see I did have a hairy chest, which as enough to get me over the line.

In the meantime why not read parts 1 and 2. Available to buy now!

Confessions Part 2





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