Confessions of a Gay Rugby Player. Part 3 Out soon.

gay rugby

An excerpt:

The second we got in the lift, Sean was all over him, owning him, clawing at him. Letting him know that he was top dog. And he was. He had the confidence that I was still developing back then. There was a kind of sick game going on in his head. He wanted to hurt the guy, hurt him for being in the closet, when he should be strong and out. Like him? Sean is my friend, but I can see that he can be bit of a bastard, and that he would take advantage of the weak.

The hotel room was small and dingy, cheap like this moment. You often think that your first threesome will be a glamorous event. In reality, they can be a little sordid. But nonetheless, still exciting.

Michael was on his knees before he had to be asked or told. He obviously knew the routine, and he knew what he wanted.

“Bet your wife doesn’t know how good a cocksucker you are! You can swap notes with her, when you get home.” Give him his due, he was a great cocksucker. ‘Straight’ guys always are. Go figure. I don’t have a problem having my cock out in front of a friend, that’s a friend I’m not fucking. Yet, it was still awkward at first. But men are quite predictable. Start sucking us off, and all we care about is your mouth on our dicks. Not the trouble we can get into.

All the while he was sucking us off, Sean would slag him off. Somehow, he knew the guy would be into all that. Me? Not a clue. All I knew was this guy liked men. All those detail things were over my head. At that stage in my life, I’d only just stopped blowing guys in saunas. You don’t learn much about interpersonal skills in the sauna.

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In the meantime why not read parts 1 and 2. Available to buy now!

Confessions Part 2





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