Mr Sensitive

Mr Sensitive

There appears to be this urban myth going about claiming that gay men are sensitive.

Yes, that’s just what I thought.

Wishful thinking, indeed.

I have news for you ladies and gentlemen, gay men are like straight men.

‘Emotionally limited’.

I blame it on daytime TV.

These ‘Oprah’ types like to project homos as sensitive, quiche baking types.

Well baby, just because you can bake a quiche and take cock like a porn star does not mean you’re in touch with your feelings.

Men just can’t do that kind of thing. We leave that to women.

Gay or straight, we are simple creatures.

So why are people obsessed with ‘feminizing’ gay men?

I suspect its some way of differentiating ‘us’ from ‘them’.

Or some other nonsense.

News flash people: actually we are all pretty much the same.

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7 thoughts on “Mr Sensitive

  1. Hi Patrick
    Isn’t saying people (or even just men ) are essentially all the same a bit reductionist?
    I mean people can be sensitive one moment then a complete arse the next. Men, str8 or gay are just as likely to be sensitive or not, as women. And people can have different things they’re sensitive about. Humans aren’t exactly like a ready meal, all pumped out, essentially the same!

    Or maybe I’m just blessed with knowing a wide variety of people, men and women, who are all pretty different? 🙂

    1. I guess I am bit of a reductionist, I think people are quite simple, we may express ourselves in all sorts of ways, in complex ways and simple ways, but underneath that all we are very simpler, with common ideal, wants, desires.

  2. I do not think men are born insensitive. I think they are raised, taught and socially conditioned that way. Shake it off, never let them see you sweat, stiff upper lip. I think some gay men are more sensitive because they do not let society tell them to butch up or how be a man.

    But gay men are men, just the same and are raised, taught and socially conditioned with same values as straight guys. So learn to be a man the same way as other men.

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