Confessions of a Gay Rugby Player Part 3. Out this month! Excerpt 4

gay rugby


The thing about these lads from the colonies is that they are incredibly good looking. You just want to fuck their brains out. You have a bit of everything. Maoris who just happen to be living in Sydney. Ex-pats from all over the world who have gone there for work. They are almost like an all-star team. Whatever your type, they have it. Kid in a candy shop and all that. For all their tanned prettiness, they are also a formidable rugby team. Big, strong athletic lads steeped in rugby. This is going to be some party.

We win the toss and decide to receive. Possession is everything against these lads. They want the ball, so we have to stop them from having any of it. They immediately send the ball high, giving their loose forwards a chance to compete for it. It’s a great kick, and their boys are there to meet the ball. The right wing puts Captain under pressure as he is lifted up to catch it, leading to a knock on. Scrum time. Looks like their pack is mainly Polynesian. Hot as fuck, but built like brick out- houses. Their white teeth shine out against their dark skin, but it takes away from the fact that each of their front row forwards has no neck. I can imagine them all naked, meaty pecs and tribal tattoos. Imagine seeing them war dance naked, all that excitement sending blood to their cocks!

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