Sexy Sunday : Beards

gay beards

Where would gay men be without women?


Behind every Diva is a long suffering fag hag, picking up all the pieces.

I myself, being a particularly overwhelming Diva, have several.

I could not imagine life without my army of girl friends.

Crying over men and shopping like crazy with.

But there is another type of girlfriend that gay men have.

There is the ‘beard’.


Yes, beard.

A ‘beard’ is the woman that a gay man uses to look hetro-sexual.

He will hide behind his beard. Comprende?

I wonder what lesbians call their beards?

It’s no big deal, just a part of life.

But don’t do what I did in LA.

Never call a homo out on his beard.

In my defence I was a little drunk.

The poor girl was indignant!

What’s a beard? I’m not his beard!

Oh sweetheart! He’s just one of those confused homos.

And only one drink away from giving me a blow job!

Sadly for him, he never did get to give me that blow job.

And as for the beard, she kept her man’s secret.

Women, we love you!


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15 thoughts on “Sexy Sunday : Beards

  1. Oh how you simplify the world, Mr. Darcy. Maybe she was his pimp, there to lure you in. lol. Or maybe she loves to watch him suck cock and would have joined in on that blow job, had you stayed for another drink….

  2. Found on the net (not sure where I copied and pasted it then closed the tab before I realised!!)

    Analogous to a fake beard for a gay man, a male acting as a beard for a lesbian is sometimes called a merkin which is a fake pubic hair piece employed theatrically

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