Boobies v Willies v Butt


To be honest I’m really impressed.

I see what’s happening there.

You want him.

Yeah why not, he’s cute.

He’s mesmerised.

You’re talking, he’s looking.

But he’s not listening.

There is only one thing on his mind, your titts.


Straight men really do love them.

I’m a bit like that when I see a man that’s packing.

I do try and pay attention to what he’s saying.

But my eyes keep wondering down to his lunch box.

That’s looks filled out, must be a big lunch.

I’m feeling hungry

Now we do have some common ground, or a common weakness.

Ass, buns, butt!

I see a fab ass and my tongue hangs out.

You ladies see a firm butt and you bit your lower lip.

You’re thinking what I’m thinking.

That peach needs a bite taken out of it!

It’s enough to bring us both to our knees.

So let’s keep it up ladies.

You look after those jugs, and I’ll keep doing those squats!


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The Five Steps of a Breast Self-Exam

How To Check Your Breasts | Embarrassing | Health |

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