Cheating Husbands

hot ass

What am I to do?

As a weak and feeble man, how am I expected to resist?

Straight men!

OK, to be more accurate, married, closeted men with hot bottoms.

Why can’t I say no?

Oh yes, it’s those hot buns.

It’s my one weakness.

Try as I might, I just can’t resist.

I see those butts and I just want to fuck them nasty, and then send them packing.

Hot dumbasses.

Oh their poor wives!

How can I do it to them?

Actually I’m doing nothing.

I’m responsible for me, you’re responsible for you.

Harsh, but true.

You ladies know that married men are always bottoms right?


Hard to believe?

Ladies let me tell you.

Married men are always bottoms, and greedy slut bottoms to boot.

Insatiable they are.

They are mad for cock.

A friend of mine found out that her husband was bi.

She bought a strap-on, so that she could take of business.

I warned her.

Did she listen?


What happened?

He left her for the real thing.

What you need to understand is that men love cock.

Gay or straight.

Straight men love their own cocks more than anything.

Gay men, we love other peoples, and then our own.

Cock rules.

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