Sexy Sunday: Cuddlers

gay cuddles

I know you’ll think I’m a total bollix.

But I just don’t like cuddles.

There! I said it.

What a relief.

I can stop hyper-ventilating now.

Don’t get me wrong.

I love intimacy.

But the intimacy I like involves penis and ass.

That cuddling shite?

No thank you.

Sometimes I’m out foxed by my own stupidity.

Why the hell do I bring people back to my place?

Oh yes, it’s my horn talking.

It’s so much easier to leave a gaff, than politely throw a ride out.

Note to self: stop bringing rides home.

So back to cuddling, what the fuck is that about?

Are we getting married?

Are you my boyfriend?

Do I want to see you again.

Hell no! The sex was not that good.

So stop rubbing your sweat into me.

Ok fine, I’ll say it.

Cuddling is intimate.

It’s loving.

I just don’t want to share that part of me with a casual ride.

What do you think, am a jaded ride or onto something?

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