sex dress

gay outfit

Don’t you just hate fashion disasters?

There is just no hiding when you have the wrong outfit on.

No matter how hot you may think you look.

You can still get it totally wrong.

Where did my fashion faux pas take place?

At an orgy.

Yes, an O-R-G-Y.

You see I don’t go to many straight orgies.

Actually none. This was my first.

So I dressed as I would if I were going to a gay orgy.

Latex pants, gas mask, some accessories.

I’m all about the accessories.

Why did I go? I like to see what the straights get up to.

OK, I admit it.

I love straight ass.

It’s not a crime in Europe!

I just love their cute vulnerability, and I thought maybe I could sneak some.

Anyhow, what have I learned about straight orgies?

The women dress in their expensive smalls, how charming.

But the men, they just hang about in their regular clothes!

What the hell is that about?

Not impressed at all.

And then I lost my courage and told her I could not do it.

Yes, I had promised to be her wing man.

But I’m just not able for it.

Badly dressed straight men are a total turn off.

It’s like being at a culchie wedding.

Sorry babe, I hope you got your hole!

When was the last time you lost your nerve?

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