Sex Bull

Sex Bull


It’s official.

I am a Bull.


You heard it first here, a Bull.

What the feck is a Bull?

A Bull is a dude that fucks dudes, to make them into subs.

Right? I think.

For the enjoyment of their wives!


I Know.

How crazy is that.

What will you ‘straights’ do next?

So how did this happen?

A female friend invited me to a playdate.

I tried to explain to her that it wasn’t really my thing.

Don’t worry Pat. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.


I don’t want to do you.


Silly man, you won’t.


She wanted me to fuck her rather hot husband while she watched.

How decadent.

Pat loves putting on a show!

So we get down to business and well…..


He couldn’t get hard.

Not great for auld ego.

But that’s how it’s supposed to be!

So I’m fucking him.

He’s sweating like a pig.

All red faced and needy.

But the wife is looking a bit concerned.

Not so hard Pat.

Take it easy on him.

Talk about getting it wrong.

I had ball gagged him.

I should have balled gagged her.

Pat knows how to fuck, and he knows a cock whore when he fucks one.

Yes he was in pain, but it was good pain.

He was loving every moment of it.

She wanted me to stop.

Silly woman.

Like the man said

It really hurt when you was fucking me, will you do it again.

Married men!


Would you get off on watching your partner?

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