Sex Pest

hot ass

What is a man to do?

Oh won’t you please fuck my husband?

Sure, why not!

So I did it, but she was an interfering wife.

Not too hard, slow down…..

Woman let me fuck!

Anyhow the husband has texted.

Him: my ass hurts any advice?

Me: normal after getting a good fuck.

Him: Soooooo, could you fuck me again?

Me: Sorry dude but your wife puts me off my stride……

Him: Well you know it could be Just us two…

Me: Sorry dude, but I don’t really think so.

See! I’m actually a good person.

I think nothing of it until…..I get a picture text….. of his ass.

It’s one of those meaty asses, with a hairy crack.

Straight ass really is seductive.

Sooo tight, so forbidden……

If you change your mind, btw what does it feel like to have cum in your ass?

Do you see what I have to put up with?

What a head fucker!

Here’s my ass, come spunk in me!

Fecking sex pest!

How the hell am I ever going to resist?

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