Depravity in London

party time

The great thing about being Irish is that everyone loves you.

They love our accents, they love our charm, they love how we smell.

We really are quite wonderful.

And you know it.

So after a day spent networking with the assorted freaks at Erotica 2013 it’s only right that we should all kick back and party.

And there is no better place to party than in my bedroom.

But then you knew this.

So we have a puppy, a mohawk crowned model, a Fireman, and a ring leader, and whiskey…….the perfect party.

An bottle of whiskey later we’re all naked and one of us is tied to the bed.


I’m not usually one to be tied up, but, but the whiskey has chilled me out.

I’m going with the flow, blind folded, wax dripping on me, mouth full and a hand in me.

This feels good, really good, it’s super being the centre of attention.

This is where I’m meant to be.

My life is great.

I rock!

The world loves me.

Yeah this feels great…..

Really great…. Ok I’m close, really close…..just keep doing that….


What the fuck!

The fecking fire alarm!

No, not now, not when I’m so close.




Oh cruel world! Why do you torment me so?

OK, don’t panic.

Do we stop and save ourselves, or do we go out happy?

Hmmmm, my cock has spoken.

It went down quicker than a priest on a ten year old.

Fuck my luck.

So we all start getting dressed, I’m covered in candle wax, lube and baby oil, with my head full of whiskey, I’m cursing my luck and cursing London, when life throws me a big bone.

“I’m sorry but I’m not leaving this room without coming!”

Damn I love men with mohawks. “Bend over Paddy.”

What can you say to that?

Nothing, it’s best just to acquiesce to such demands.

Anything else would be quite uncouth.

The really good thing?

The firm alarm stopped just as he put his money where his mouth is.

I love you London!

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