Double Date Horror

bad gay date

Sometimes not even I can believe how stupid I am.

Why do I let myself get talked into these things?

You owe a friend a favour, he calls it in.

What’s the worst?

A fecking double date!

Who in this day and age does double dates?

We are not Americans!

Life is not a movie.

The things I will do for friendship.


Yes, why?
I can’t actually get my head around it.

Why would you want to go on a double date?

Let me just make one thing clear: date equals foreplay.

I ‘date’ guys I want to fuck.

So why have another couple there cramping your style?

Ah, foursome!

No, not with a real friend.

That would be rather odd.

There is more to this.

There must be.

I’m there to serve a purpose.

I’m hot but I’m not a himbo.

There are other considerations.

What if my date is a minger?

I really can’t tolerate ugly people.

Or worse….stupid!

An evening with a ugly retard.

Kill me now.

What if he is a culchie?

Or plays GAA?

What if he’s ginger?

Oh lordy!

I’m getting carried away.

He could be a filthy auld ruide!

Let’s hope so!

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