Hooks up Yes, Dating…..no!

gay foursome

Tonight is the night.

The night the magic happens.

It’s date night.

I feel afraid.

When was the last time that I went on a double date?

Foursomes don’t count do they?

A dinner date.

Not sex…….right away.

No, that’s not a date.

Talking and stuff.

Yeah, stuff……

Long, no touchy, foreplay.

How bizarre!

This sounds like a crock of shite.

I don’t like deferred pleasure.

Don’t you date if you want a boyfriend?

The whole thing is a fraud!

So when did I stop ‘dating’?

I guess it just happened.

Less dating and more hook ups.

Actually no dating.

Let’s be blunt, if I agree to see a guy, it’s to fuck him.

I don’t want to talk all night and then go separate ways.

Is this a good or bad thing?

The romantic in me says that it’s terrible.

But the lazy ride in me just says your ‘place or mine?’

I just don’t have time to waste, do you?

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