Sexy Sunday: Breaking the rules.

sex rules

Even though I would consider myself to be a liberal.

I live by rules.

Patrick Darcy’s Commandments.

They are set in stone.

Or so I thought they were.

I let a ride stay the night.

Yes I know, how heterosexual of me.

In my defence he was particularly hot.

Our ‘third wheel’ had decided to head home.

He was all spent.

As tops often get.

But the bottom, he wanted a few more rounds.

Damn I love greedy bottoms.

So I let him stay on.

Anyway, there we are in the morning, laying in bed.

Both feeling terribly awkward.

What do you say to each other?

Only one thing for it…..

You mind sucking me off before you go?

The key word: go!

Thats closure.

It does make me think about my rules.

If I had obeyed them I would have missed out on my great morning BJ.

What else am I missing out on because of rules?

Maybe it’s time to mix it up a little?

Rules are for pussies!

And I’m a peacock!

Do you ever feel that the only person stopping you from living your life is you?

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