Sexy Sunday : The attraction of Marriage


Seems like everyone wants to do it these days.

You can’t open a newspaper without reading something about it.

Everyone is for it, apart from the nuts on TV.

But me?

Oh I’m all for your right to do it, but it’s not for me.


I hear that lesbians have already started divorcing each other.


Because the reality does not match up to their expectations.

What were they expecting?

Too much it seems.

Fairytales, I just don’t believe in them.

Happily ever after?

White dresses?

No, not with these hairy legs.

I just want to enjoy the here and now for what it is.

Not what I want it to be.

Having said that, I can see the attraction.

What a great party.

Plenty of drink.

Doing the waltz with your old aunties.

Enjoying the craic.

It’s might fierce.

Of course there are other reasons to get married.


I get that.

Our relationship is just as valid as yours etc.

Then there is tax, adoption, wills etc, etc.

Yep there are a lot of good reasons to get married.

Oh and love.

Truth be told, the real reason I don’t want to get married is I love married men.

They are so hot!

I want them.

They want me.

Straight married bottom/ hung gay top: a marriage made in heaven.

This is just how it is meant to be.

Like I said, I support your right to get married, but only so I can have you!

3 thoughts on “Sexy Sunday : The attraction of Marriage

  1. Nothing to do with marriage, but were you at the match today? It was fantastic rugby by Ireland, could not believe the All Blacks won in 81st minute. Hope your head OK monday morning!!

  2. I think that marriage is an archaic notion. It’s nothing but a societal expectation and a unique imprisonment (property). In this age and the up coming one, it should be nothing but a distant memory of the old ways. People should love whoever they want to love without being labeled. If everybody in this world could live forever, marriage would cease to exist.

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