Bad moods


We all get them.

You know the story.

Try as you might, you can’t shake them off.

Some part of you says you need to work it out.

There is a solution, you just need to…..

Need to what?


If only it was that easy.

Trouble is that there is often no solution.

That just makes your mood worse.

Fuckety fuck fuck!

Then it dawns on you.

It’s your fault.

Whatever it was.

It was down to you.

Great, now I feel worse.

When it gets like this, you need a straightener.

Like a pint after a heavy night on the drink.

Something to fix you up.

And get you on your way.

I’ll take a hit of cock.

Me on my knees, you in my mouth.

It clears my thoughts.

Takes me away from the thing that is humping my leg.

Clears my mood.

Brings clarity.

Oh it’s not a solution.

God no.

It’s just a blow job.

But it does take the edge off.

What takes your stress away?

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