Fuck Me Friday: where did all the tops go? SALE NOW ON!!

gay threesome

What has become of men?

Or to be more accurate, where the fuck are all the tops?

Everyone is a bottom these days.

Yes I love a ‘needy bottom’ as much as the next man.

But I also like to offer up my prized asset.

My G- spot is up my ass!

Why am I bitching?

Another crap threesome.

I really do pick them.

Am I asking for too much?Sale

It’s a threesome, fuck and get fucked.

Simple, right?

Maybe my standards are just too high?

What is this thing that I want that is just too much?

I want you to stay hard!

Forgive me but a limp dick is just not much fun.

It just really pisses me off.

Angry sex.

You know bend over and take it you sub cunt.

Bang, bang, bang, to the beat of techno.

A few hits of poppers.

Harder, until, well, you  know.


Yeah it’s hot and sweaty.

The bottom totally gets off.

But just once in a while I ‘d like to be that bottom.

Find out what real tops get up to!

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8 thoughts on “Fuck Me Friday: where did all the tops go? SALE NOW ON!!

  1. I totally understand your frustration. Food for thought. Maybe you are just a little to eager and don’t take the time to find out enough about your sex partner beforehand. OR….. Maybe your standards aren’t hugh enough in the first place! Lol
    Don’t you have ant girlfriends to point this out to you?!! All gay men need that!

  2. I think that you have bummed all the tops and now they all want to be bottoms! You only have yourself to blames with your obsession with cute buns!

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