Women are you getting what you want?

 coffee sex

Something’s are truly insufferable.

Like an erotica coffee morning.

Oh Pat you really must attend, learn all about what readers want!

I really am a gullible twat.

How bad was it?

I contemplated killing myself with a tea spoon!

What a bunch of whiny bitches.

So this is what I learned:

  • Women like sex.
  • Women like lots of sex.
  • Women marry guys who are crap at sex.
  • Women never ask for the sex that they want.
  • And jealousy is king in the one dick relationship.

Could I ever imagine going on a date, a.k.a. hook up, and not ask for what I want?

No dude, don’t use lube, just stick your tongue up there.

See how easily I said it?

Hey man, my buddy just texted, will I message back and tell him to join us?

Actually I’m not asking, I’m telling. We’re having fucking a threesome.


To my surprise women really are twisted bitches.

I wish he would just come home and fuck me over the kitchen table…. while pulling my hair and spanking my bottom.

Sometimes I think about him and his best friend fucking me together.


Well get you!

Inside you’re just like guys!

But outside you act all prim n proper.

That’s really quite peculiar, but rather endearing.

So I had to ask.

Why don’t you stop reading and start doing?

  • Oh my husband would never…..
  • It would ruin our relationship…..

I see.

So what you are saying is, you would, but your men are holding you back?

Wow straight men really are a chore.

How ever do you women cope?

12 thoughts on “Women are you getting what you want?

  1. I totally agree, which is why I don’t do straight guys!! Bi-guys and I are on the same page when it comes to having fun. Only one life to live so live it!

  2. Spot on Darcy….I obviously need to be more demanding.
    (I am pleased you didn’t succeed with the teaspoon…that would’ve been a long and painful death 🙂

  3. “You don’t get what you don’t demand” – probably true. But if you’re a woman and you indeed make demands not few people consider you to be a dirty slut (whereas guys are studs if they do). A lot of women care about their reputation 😉

  4. This is really a great post and totally true. My husband and I have been together for 15 years. We get along great and really do have a wonderful relationship yet there are things I wish I had the guts to ask for but don’t.

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