Sexy Sunday: I’ m Straight…..really I am.

straight drag

I’ve always dated women


Yeah, I was even chatting a girl up on my way over here.

I see. 

I’m not that into guys. I just like cock.

You do?

Yeah, I have the numbers of 30 guys in my phone, all hung.

That’s a lot of men.

Yeah, I’m off to swinger gig next weakend, all men.

Don’t straight couples use the term ‘swinger’?

I guess they will all fuck me, I just love cock. 

Who doesn’t. 

I’m straight like, I just love big cocks.

Don’t we all.

I don’t wish to denigrate my own sex, but fuck me men can be retarded.

This was a conversation I had on Saturday morning. Normally I would not suffer such stupidity in the name of sex. But well, I just cant help lusting after straight guys. Not that this man was straight. He was doing ‘straight’ drag. Any man who has had  that amount of cock up his ass is a homo chollo.

I don’t kiss. Just want to suck and get fucked.


Lets just hope you are worth it. After all this build up, if he turned out to be a whiny ass bottom who could not suck dick for shit…..

Turns out he was a total cock whore. Deep throating and he gave me that classic line “don’t use too much lube, I want to really feel it”.  Really this young man should be a writer! Naturally I pounded his hairy hole  for all I was worth, and what did I get for my trouble? “That was really good, gotta run, I’m seeing another guy across the city in half an hour”.

Straight my hot ass!

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