Fantasy v Reality

gay cum face

Take my word for it.

Something’s are way better in fantasy than reality.

I’m a heavy cummer.

That’s hot.

No I mean it. A real heavy cummer!

How cute, let’s make you cum.

From now on, when a guy tells me he’s a heavy cummer I’m going to believe him.

I like cum.

I want to see guys cum.

I want to swallow the good stuff.

But oh my sweet lord!

The first shot missed my mouth and splattered on the wall.

Then all hell broke loose.

OK, stop now.


For the love of God!

But no.

He just kept cumin.

So much cum…….

In the end I just gave up.

In my mouth…….

On my face.

On my head.

On my chest.

On my cock.

On my neck.

On my shoulders.

On the bed.

On the wall.

Oh, and in my fecking ears and up my nose!

I did warn you.

He gave me a kind of embarrassed smile. And led me to the shower.

We didn’t say much for a bit.

I think I may well have been in shock.

I finally broke the silence with ‘you should do porn’.

Ah no, what would mammy say?

Good point, mammy would be mortified.

How about I just suck your cock?

I was a little embarrassed.

After his fire hose eruption, my regular load seemed measly in comparison.

A least my cock was bigger!

9 thoughts on “Fantasy v Reality

  1. Awwww. Patrick had a cum bath! Lol. You now suffer from cum envy. Great, as if penis envy was not enough, now we have to deak with guys having cum envy too!!! SHIT.

    Although I should not joke. It has been a major issue with some guys I have known. Was the “heavy cumner” embarrassed or proud? And as a guy, do you ever think badly of a guy for not cumming enough? I never have as a girl.

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