Sex Sunday: Kissing a man for the first time

kissing men

Nerves are a terrible things.

As I’m sure you all know, a ‘nervous’ man is not fit to fuck.


That’s why I tend not to meet virgins.

I don’t mean real virgins, who have never had sex before.

No, I mean ‘gay’ virgins.

Men who have never had cock before.

But I’ve always been a sucker for a hottie with a fab ass.

And when his fine buns…… I just had to have him.

It’s always pretty awkward when you first meet a man like that.

Awkward for him that is.

So pints are the order of the day.

Meet in a bar, 3 pints, no more

Get him to relax and then head back.

Share some gum on the way back, no one likes beer breath, and flirt.

These guys, they want to do it all, but they are afraid of kissing.

Its as if they think it doesn’t count if you don’t kiss.

How bizarre.

Kissing is intimate but sticking your tongue up a man’s ass is not?

That’s when the nerves kick in.

No not mine, I’ve done this before.

But I have a formula.

Stick on some porn.

Bi porn, they love that kind of thing.

Who in their right mind wants to watch screaming women?

But it works, start off with mutual hand job, then gradually usher his head down….

Before you know it, he’s having the time of his life.

But there are certain things you should never ask a virgin to do.

He may do them if he instigates, but you should never ask him.

I’m talking about fucking you, it puts them on the spot.

And that means nerves.

Which in this case was a real shame, he had a really big cock.

But that’s not to stop me from fucking him.

Surprise surprise, his nerves cut in.

Relax, take a hit of poppers, you will be hard again in a moment

At this point I have to apologise.

But  I can’t help the way I fuck ass.

I like to fuck hard and I like to fuck with aggression.

This is men fucking.

Not Mills n Boon.

OK, so my play thing had only had a few small toys up there.

And I should have gone easy.

But hey! I gave him poppers.

He was hard and grunting like a pig with a rock hard cock.

Thats when they want to kiss.

With tongues.

Rough, stubble on stubble.

The things you have to do to get a kiss!

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